Carlie Barrett – Owner/ Stylist
Specializes in Balayage, Highlighting and Texture Haircuts

Nicole Basler – Stylist
Specializes in Color Corrections, Balayage and Ombre Technique

Chelsea Zobuk – Stylist
Specializing in Color, Balayage and Haircuts

Casey West – Stylist
Specializing in Razor Cuts, Dry Cuts,  Balayage and Precision Cuts

Brittanee Ranier – Stylist
Specializes in Color, Balayage and Haircuts

Mary Murray – Stylist
Specializes in Color, Balayage and Haircuts

Sam Potier – Stylist
Specializing in Haircuts, Balayage & Color

Josh Rainville – Stylist
Specializing in Balayage & Vivid Color

Carlene Pedroso – Stylist
Specializing in Curly Hair, Haircuts, Color, Balayage & Blowouts

Nicolette Szweda – Stylist
Specializing in Haircuts, Balayage & Color

Sarah Pellegrino  – Stylist
Specializing in Short Hair, Razor Cuts, Balayage and Color


Emma Alford – Receptionist
Specializes in Great Customer Service